NOTE: The information on this page refers to the old API for The Things Network. This page is available for reference only.


This page contains information concerning the LoRaWAN available at the hacked in Groningen event.


A LoRaWAN gateway connected to The Things Network (TTN) has been setup at the event location. TTN currently runs a demo network with limitations (see below). The gateway also provides local access to the data, however local access is only available at the event location.



TTN limitations



To access data sent to TTN



Send data to TTN

To send data from a node to TTN (and the local gateway) use:

Network key/NwkSKey: 2B7E151628AED2A6ABF7158809CF4F3C (mandatory for TTN)


Application session key/AppSKey: use network key if you want your data decrypted by TTN, feel free to choose your own if you decrypt yourself (node-red code)


DeviceID / Device Address 02:D1:E5:HH Where HH should be a unique two byte hex address. Use addresses over 40h if you just want to use TTN. Addresses 00h-2fh are registered at the gateway for local use as well.



Locale gateway access

The local gateway allows access to data for nodes in the range 00h-2fh as well as an interface to send data to those nodes. Keep in mind the gateway is configured to supports Class A nodes, so data will only be send to a node just after the node sent data to the gateway!

Use MQTT for access: tcp://<gateway ip>:1883 , for all messages subscribe to 'lora/+/up'. To transmit messages publish to 'lora/<id>/down', format JSON, data Base64 encoded. (Example packet: {"data":"aGVsbG8gd29ybGQ="})


Example code for node

Example code is available for different node hardware and platforms.


Arduino with RFM module: LoRa-LMIC-1.51

Arduino with RN2483: ttnmapperarduino with library for RN2483, Sodaq library



Usefull resources


The official LoRaWAN specification

The Things Network WIKI

The Things Network Forum

Microchip RN2483 product page (check command reference for communication protocol)